Business Structure

About Us

Pangansari Utama Food Industry (PUFI), a member of the Pangansari Group of food resource companies, was established in 2010 to provide an extensive menu of affordable, delicious preservative-free food choiches to retail consumers and businesses.

The Pangansari Group includes the largest catering company in Indonesia and has more than 40 years of experience catering to diverse taste. As an ISO certified Company, Pangansari Group has World-class standard and practice.

PUFI has reliable products with the brand Heat & Eat, Smartpack and Mubara Catering, the recently inaugurated catering service for events, meetings and other events.


PUFI strives to provide a cost effective, delicious, great variety and quality of foods also an excellent services.


Using its extensive food preparation facilities and test kitchens, PUFI’s food menu is nutritious, delicious and tasted by consumers of many nationalities. PUFI hopes to become the leading manufacturer, marketer of RTE (Ready To Eat) frozen food in Southeast Asia and a well-known caterer in the city.