Our established infrastructure provides a smooth and reliable distribution network to  fulfill market requirements.

PUFI's infrastructure encompasses a number of Indonesia's principal cities. From our Jakarta branch we cater to Java and other nearby areas, from Balikpapan we cover Sulawesi and Kalimantan, from Surabaya we serve the country's east and southeast regions. This established network enables us to get closer to our customers, and so better understand their needs and concerns.

To support our distribution network, PUFI also boasts an impressive array of cold storage facilities, capable of storing food at –20 ° C, in all three distribution centers, as well as extensive dry storage space. We have also devised an effective solution to customers limited storage space availability by providing frozen and dried food containers of 8, 12, 20 and 40 feet. This means our the customer, are not burdened with the worry of finding storage space for the products ordered from us.

Other facilities include processing units for Frozen Foods, as well as a fleet of distribution vehicles specially equipped with refrigerated containers for safe and controlled temperature transportation.

In an effort to fulfill our commitment to precision and quality, our distribution network includes integrated land, sea and air support.